"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid."
- Albert Einstein

Thursday, 16 August 2012

hot glue & spray paint; a girls best friends!

After hours spent pintresting I finally decided to try out some ideas. I wanted a poster that I found at Home Sense that said "PLAYROOM RULES".. things like too much TV is bad, too much reading is good, etc. etc., - - after himming and haa-ing I decided against it and otped to make my own. Now I'm no Martha Stewart and am just beginning but I must say I am quite proud! 

All I did was buy a canvass from the dollarstore ($2), then some spray paint and foam sticker letters. I spraypainted the whole thing silver, then after trying (and failing) with stencils I decided to use foam stickers. I stuck them on then contemplated leaving just the stickers on for colour... but in the end decided to spray paint the whole thing. I might add a smiley face or heart in there somehow.. the possibilities are endless! This is just stage one I'm letting it dry overnight. 

 Item number two today was my behaviour chart. I've decided as a classroom management tool I will use the ocean animal ranking system. Yes I made that up, but again got the idea from many other brilliant teachers on Pinterest! Now I just need to spray paint the clothes pins and write each childs name on them! :) 

Special thanks to my brother for modeling these crafts for me (haha as if he had a choice) and EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to my brothers amazingly talented girlfriend Caitlyn for helping me all day with art projects, followed by painting my nails for a wedding this weekend :) Love you both!

Happy teaching :)  
Miss C 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

officially employed

It's official. After all the years of schooling, the stress of trying to find a job in Ontario, and dealing with moving my life to BC; I have my first contract - YAY :) As a new teacher it has definitely had its moments of excitement, and stress - and its not even September yet. But after hours turned into days of Pinteresting, and reading other teachers blogs I feel much more at ease - sorta. This spot is going to be my area where I can track my favorite bloggers and ideas (once I figure out how to follow people?), dump all my ideas and keep these thoughts in my head organized - and if it helps other teachers out, all the better... 

If anyone is reading this, be patient. I am new in every aspect of the word. This whole blogging thing is  a foreign concept but I pinky promise I'll try my best.... after all, thats all we can ask - right? 

Stay tuned.

Miss C