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- Albert Einstein

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

In a nutshell

The last three months, in a nutshell.
Well, it's the end of November… hmm. I have started about ten of these blogs and then held the backspace button down. We have been sooo busy! I have an AMAZING group of kids this year! Nine grade 1s, 4Ks, and 7 K4's (Ontario lingo - JK). K4 is INCREDIBLE, everything they do is adorable and they are such a bright group. We have a wonderful TA who has taken on the K4s, with the assistance of another fabulous TA, and together they are rocking the pants off these kids! So long "free play centre time", hello academics, printing and math! I must say, they LOVE IT! It is completely hands on (see below), while learning how to hold a pencil and are starting to print. They use play dough to make letters, turn letters into animals, and so much more. I cannot wait to see the data next year when I get to Benchmark them! I must say we have had the "UH-HU" moment.  If we give these kids the foundations for their reading - AND WE DO IT WELL - there is no excuse why all of our students can't be green… it all starts at the age of four (or younger at home!). All of our kids are working hard, and it is so exciting to think our K4s will be starting K with a solid foundation and understanding of letter names, sounds. If you want success, you work for it. We have high expectations for our kids, and in return they continue to surprise us.

Rooster on a Roof and rabbits! 

Halloween Season! From our own pumpkin carving, to decorating, to feeling the creepy crawly surprise bins, to Cosmic Bowling with "the best behaved group in Port Hardy" (thank you North Island Lanes!) - we have had a fantastic fall/autumn season! Between the Read Well, the DIBELS, the SAXON we made time for some good old fashion haunted fun! 

Ghost Bowling on top of the Cosmic Bowling! Instead of balls we used pumpkins :)

More Halloween pics to come when I upload the school camera! On another note, we have started getting ready for our Christmas Play - A Christmas Carol, K School Style. This will include some different songs (including One Direction, BSpears) and a little old fashion Let it Snow Let it Snow with some pretty cute, unique snowflakes! :) I have been working with the older class on their lines… I love drama! I love acting (GREASE 2006… ahhh I still miss it!), and I love getting to work with kids who enjoy it too. Its nice change of pace working with the older ones too. BIG NEWS. Dazzle is back!!! So many Christmas things I could post on… but another time, it's time for Criminal Minds/Report Car….d…s… eeew. I can't even say it. HA.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Pinky promise to post again soon! 

All my love, 

Miss C

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